Special Thanks to all the Volunteers who donated there time and materials for our Arena front yard makeover

As you know the MV Arena is located on the most used and busiest street on the island, we thought that it was time for a makeover.  Under the direction of new arena facilities manager Erik Bruguiere, he was able to get many local business people who are arena users to donate there time and materials to make this project happen.  We would like to thank the following people.

Andy Marek,  Joe Merry, Jon Keene, Tim Bettencourt and crew, Brad Pouliot and crew, Eddie Smith, Jack D’arcy, Jim Kelleher, and Brian Kennedy.http://www.mvarena.com/2014/09/25/special-thanks-to-all-the-volunteers-who-donated-there-time-and-materials-for-our-arena-front-yard-makeover/

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