Arena Rules

The following rules apply to all customers of the Arena:

  • Ice resurfacing. The ice will be resurfaced before the start of the session. Additional resurfacing will take place at the Customer’s request, during the contracted time.
  • Locker room and shower facilities. The Arena is not responsible for any equipment or valuables left in the locker room area. Locks are available at the Management’s Office located in the Lobby.
  • Sound system and microphone. Any other attachments must be provided by the CustomerCustomer members are not allowed to operate the console located in the Arena’s Manager’s office, unless the Arena’s Manager provides permission.
  • Scoreboard and controls. Customer members are not allowed to operate the scoreboard and controls located in the official scorer’s both at center ice, unless the Arena’s Manager provides permission.
  • Only Customer members, their guests, and their coaches or professionals are allowed on the ice or player bench area during skating sessions.
  • The Arena will have the right to admit, control, or eject spectators during any skating session. The Customer may not charge admission for spectators without written approval from the Arena Manager at least 30 days before the event.
  • The Customer shall provide proper supervision to ensure the protection of persons and property. The Customer will restrict all participants to authorized areas only. If the Arena is rented for a youth activity, there shall be present at all times: one (1) adult, 18 years or older, per every twelve (12) children, present in the Arena.
  • The facilities (example: locker room) used by the Customer shall be left in a clean and orderly manner. The Customer will pay a charge for custodial services, if the Arena’s personnel must clean up at a rate of $25.00 per hour of clean up.
  • The Customer is entitled to the use of the rink only, unless other facilities or services have been arranged in advance with the Arena.
  • All public skating rules and regulations apply to private parties.
  • Rental skates, instructional equipment, pucks, goalie gear, or shooter-aids are not included in Arena rental unless otherwise specified.
  • No food or drink of any kind, with the exception of water, is allowed on the rink surface or in player’s benches.