The Premier Advertising Spot in the Arena … Under the Clock

Two banner locations: 8 feet by 40″ each for $2,000 each per year or $3,600 for both spots per year with a commitment of 3 years.

Other than the ice, the most looked at real estate in the Arena.


Three banner locations: 7 feet by 3 feet for $2,500 each per year or $6,000 per year for all three spots with a commitment of 3 years.


Dasher Boards

Banners on the boards: $2,000 per year with a commitment of 3 years


We need your support to help us continue to bring the enjoyment of ice skating to the Vineyard! Whether you like hockey, figure skating or simply want to skate during a public session, we want to make this skate affordable to you and your family. We have managed to maintain the cost to purchase an hour of ice at $225 for a number of years even with the ever increasing price of energy over that same time frame thanks to the contributions and sponsorships received from the community. Our goal is to continue to keep this price affordable to the community, but we need your support. Throughout the New England area the price for a sheet of ice is generally higher than what the Arena charges; the price for an hour of ice ranges from $225 (Gallo Arena in Buzzards Bay) to $320 (Pilgrim Arena in Hingham). Help us by advertising at the Arena!

Our operating costs are projected to be approximately $550,000 for our fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. Our goal is to at least break even each year.

The Arena will pay for the banner (your design for approximately $200) as long as a three-year commitment is received; otherwise, the price of the banner will be added to the sponsorship listed below.

Advertising Rates for individual or combination of sponsorships:

  • Under ice logo $3,500 Available for painting only during summer.
  • Sign on the inside wall of the ice Arena (dasher boards) $2,000.
  • Sign below clock under scoreboard. $2,000.
  • Sign on the Zamboni garage door $1,000 (Only 1 remaining spot available).
  • Sign (4′ by 6′) on the wall facing the stands $1,000 (The 2′ by 4′ signs are no longer available).
  • Sign (6’ by 4’) as you enter the arena on the wall facing you $750.
  • Sign on one side of the 8 steps leading to the bleaches as you walk into the Arena $500 ($750 if you purchase both sides) Only two spots available.
  • Sign (6’ by 4’) on wall outside glass window by the Snack Bar $750.
  • Sign (6’ by 4’) on wall as you enter the Women’s Rest Room and between the Men’s Room $700.
  • Sign (8’ by 5’) on wall with restrooms facing you as you enter the Arena $700.
  • Sign (8’ by 5’) on wall in the corner outside the Men’s Room on the back wall $700.
  • Sign (6’ by 4’) on wall (by USFSA logo) on the wall as you enter the arena and make a right approaching heated area $700.
  • Sign (6’ by 4’) on the wall as you enter the Arena but turn left to go to rest rooms $600.
  • Sign (2’ by 4’) on the wall facing the stands $500.
  • Your company’s logo on our website $500.
  • Sign presenting the Community Board, Pictures (need another frame) & the Bulletin Board $500.
  • Countertop in the warm area under Board of Directors listing $300.
  • Countertop in the warm area facing Arena $300 Unavailable.
  • Sign (1’ by 2’) on the outside walls surrounding the ice rink $250.
  • Sponsor Adult Hockey League jerseys (negotiable).

If your budget does not allow you to participate in any of the above sponsorships, we would appreciate any help you can afford.

Please send your check to:
Martha’s Vineyard Arena
P.O. Box 2062
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Or Call:
Peter Lambos
General Manager